Our Exhibits

The Sheaffer Pen Museum features over 25 cases as well as many pieces throughout the museum. Below are some of our best and favorite past and current exhibits.

 The Green Room is the Sheaffer Pen Museum’s mini pen factory. The Green Room features an audio description of it’s contents as well as several automated machines from the Sheaffer Factory. In addition to machines, there are many molds, paint stencils, and partially made pens on display to help illustrate the pen manufacturing process.

During World War II, Sheaffer helped the US Military by manufacturing various fuses, triggers, radios, and ink. The Sheaffer Pen Museum has on several of these fuses. In addition, the museum has a Bellab Autotune Head, which was used in military radios all over the world to automatically change the frequency in order to evade enemy spying. Finally, the museum has several pens that were recovered from the USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma as well as desk sets used to sign important treaties. 

The Bill Sexauer Targa Collection was donated to the Sheaffer Pen Museum by Sexauer in December of 2017. Sexauer is a retired Boeing engineer and currently lives in Washinton. His collection features 160 unique Sheaffer Targa, notably an 18k Vannerie Masterpiece made in France. The photos below include some of the pens from his collection, as well as Bill Sexauer himself with part of his collection.